Job Information


Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities

•       Collaborate with technology team members and customers to define, deliver and improve technology solutions that solve business problems while positioning BNSF for future success

•       Develop innovative web solutions to assist complex business needs

•       Coordinate with other technical teams to develop appropriate interfaces and ensure quality and efficiency through capacity planning, performance assessment, and both integration and regression testing

•       Coordinate customer acceptance testing and ensure customer satisfaction through timely resolution of issues, regular status reports, and ongoing communication

•       Understand and adhere to the Technology Services infrastructure and inter-relationships

•       Assist in trouble shooting, root-cause analysis, and solution implementation within multiple technology areas

Basic and Preferred Qualifications (Education and / or Experience)

•       Bachelor / Masters Computer Science or related fields At least 3 years of experience in web development

•       Experience working in an Agile development environment

•       Experience and/or Strong Understanding of the Java/JSP web development environment

•       Working experience of technical analysis and design using OO concepts and design patterns

•       Familiarity with Selenium, Jasmine, and Geb testing frameworks

•       Experience with Play! 1.2.x and Spring Boot

•       Graphic software experience/talent is a plus (Photoshop, Fireworks)

Minimum Qualifications, Job Skills, Abilities

•       Significant DEVELOPMENT experience and EXPERT understanding of web technologies (object-oriented JavaScript/jQuery/CSS/HTML, CSS, AJAX)

•       Development experience with the latest and greatest web standards, including HTML5 and CSS3

•       Development experience with JS libraries, such as JQuery, LESS, JQuery UI, Sugar JS and Twitter Bootstrap

Strong sense of web development and attuned to the fundamentals of user experience.


JQuery, LESS, JQuery UI, Sugar JS and Twitter Bootstrap


JQuery, LESS, JQuery UI, Sugar JS and Twitter Bootstrap